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QuoteArchitect-MCA Data flow
The largest cost component of an electronic product

The unmatched dynamics of today's electronic components market necessitates a quick analysis over considerable numbers of suppliers. Moreover, the choices for best selections from large amounts of supplier data must be made quickly.

Trying to do this manually is an almost impracticable process, let alone one that can be done quickly and correctly.

QuoteArchitect-MCA offers four different ways of price, availability, stock level and delivery time analysis. A Decision Support System (DSS) analyses all collected supplier data in the background in real time and suggests the optimal choice per part code, thus providing unique support to the operator:

1. API based search

Automatic multi-vendor price and availability analysis.

2. RFQ based search

Automatic single & multi-vendor RFQ process.

3. PILOT based search

Concurrent multi-vendor website analysis with MCA integration

4. Manual based search

Manual selection, correction, and materials data entry.