What our customers say

tbp electronics b.v.

As a high end EMS provider our company processes hundreds of complex to very complex Bills-of-Materials every year. We have worked with different BOM processing tools over the years, so our engineers are experts in this field. A tool change over must have considerable added value, so for a new BOM processing tool they are very critical and demanding. 

After an evaluation we started using BOMArchitect in production end of 2018 and our engineers simply love it. BOMArchitect is better than any other BOM processing tool we know about; faster, more accurate and extremely efficient due to the self-learning capabilities. The database is stable and reliable and last but not least the BOM compare functionality is excellent.

We have made significant improvements to our BOM processing with BOMArchitect.

Harald Luijsterburg, manager project engineering & coordinator test engineering     tbp electronics b.v. (NL)

Neways Leeuwarden B.V.

BOMArchitect is an amazing tool. We processed more than 1.200 (!) BOMs with BOMArchitect since we start using it. Depending on customer and BOM type we consistently achieve between 30% and 70% processing time reduction compared to our previous way of BOM processing. BOMArchitect offers a uniform way of working amongst our engineers and typing errors have become extremely rare."

Paul Akkerman, Account engineer/Insourcing project leader       Neways Leeuwarden B.V. (NL)

EPR Partner

“The power of BOMArchitect is the connection with the ERP system, which links our Internal Part Number to the combination Manufacturer Name and Manufacturer Part Number. Because of the self-learning mode, it is only necessary to create a link with a customer part definition once. The result is that a consistent selection of part codes is always used.

Other very important features of BOMArchitect® are the revision control system and the efficient compare functionality. Comparing a new BOM with a previous BOM revision is really easy.

We frequently have to inform customers about additional changes we discover in the BOM - in addition to what they indicated as modifications. BOMArchitect® allows us to communicate this and other technical feedback much faster to our customers. This is absolutely essential in the dynamic and fast-changing High-Tech market, and highly appreciated by our customers.”

Patrick Kilkens, Business manager    EPR Partner (NL).

Global Components GmbH

"We use BOMArchitect every day with 3 licenses and it helps us a lot.
The main advantages are the speed of processing and the significant reduction in BOM errors.
The speed of processing is largely achieved by the BOMArchitect self learning capability which allows to link a specific customer part definition to our internal part number. Once the link is made BOMArchitect processes the part in new BOMs fully automatically, which makes the system faster by the day.
The reduction in BOM errors translates into less production issues, which savings alone pay for the annual subscription fee"

Christian Storm, Prokurist / General Manager     Global Components GmbH (Germany)       

Global Electronics B.V.

“We work intensively with BOMArchitect. Since the start it has had a big impact on our BOM processing and our production. To mention the most important aspects:

  • BOMArchitect is quickly to learn, easy to use and it works as specified

  • The speed of processing gives major time savings, consistently varying per BOM between 50% and 75+%. In particular when the AMLs are well filled after a couple of months the time savings are even more impressive.

  • The significant reduction in BOM errors due to the point-and-click methodology leads to zero BOM errors which has a major impact on our production quality and efficiency.

  • BOM files compare is comfortable and shows clearly the differences between two revisions. It allows us to give a better service and a quick feed back which is highly appreciated by our customers.

  • And last but not least, the software seems to be completely bugs free and the support is excellent.

Armand Wiggers, Account manager Global Electronics B.V. (NL)