Annual Quoting Cost Calculator for EMS providers

Annual quoting costs are directly affecting the bottom line results of your company. Surprisingly these costs are rarely accurately calculated and often unknown.

The annual quoting costs are not only the summation of all costs involved to process Bill-of-Materials, collect material pricing and availability information, execute the calculation of manufacturing, test and additional costs as well as the quote generation as such. Quoting costs also include all costs for error related production calamities, the costs of getting the “wrong” orders and missing the ones you should have.

Of course, it is virtually impossible to collect all additional (hidden) costs. But our annual quoting cost calculator (AQCC) can help you to determine what approximately the annual quoting costs of your company are. It also unveils the potential savings when you would automate the quoting process.

Our white paper “What are your annual quoting costs” will give you more detailed information.

Note: The AQCC module is in its final development and test stage but a fixed release date hasn't been set as yet.

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