Production Costs Analysis


QuoteArchitect includes a configurable virtual copy of your manufacturing plant; a "Virtual Factory" model.  Subsequently, a rules-driven "Costing Engine" virtually runs your operations and processes in the "Digital Twin" of your manufacturing facility to calculate the exact production costs of a job.

Production costs overview

PCBA assembly, Cable Harnessing, Box Build and System Build calculations are all included in QuoteArchitect's production costs analysis capabilities.

The calculated results are reported in summary, in detail and in drill-down mode and offer an accurate and clear overview of the times and cost parameters involved in the creation of the production costs calculation. Calculation reviews and post-calculation feedback loops allow fine-tuning of the parameter settings.

Not only does this allow your commercial engineers to negotiate 'on the razor’s edge' because they know exactly what the costs are, but it also acts as a natural 'filter' to win those orders that perfectly fit your production environment. The type of products and job sizes for which you manufacture the best quality products at the best possible price and with a healthy margin.

Last but not least, QuoteArchitect-PCA also supports (and dramatically limits) the often painful discussions about costs with customers, in an open-book relationship.