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"Unknown" part codes in a BOM, in new designs often in the majority, must be analysed in more detail for assembly technology, life cycle status, RoHS and REACH compliance, potential production risks (MSL and PSL level issues) and, if necessary, for electrical test information.

Most EMS providers have a well-organized inventory, logistics and financial parts database within their MRP/ERP system. It contains valuable and indispensable part code information, but it is generally not developed to manage technical data sets.

In addition, "Unknown" part codes should primarily not be stored in MRP/ERP.

It isn't considered a good idea to store “unknown” part code information in the MRP/ERP system before the P.O. is received. As this wastes time and slowly pollutes the MRP/ERP system with unused information when BOMs are changed and/or P.O.’s are not received, it ultimately affects its performance over time. Only after receipt of the P.O. the new part codes should be defined in the MRP/ERP system with commercial, logistical and financial information. Additional technical data can be entered in PACE. No unnecessary work is done, the work done is saved and there is no data pollution in other business processes.

With the free PACE viewer, everyone in the company has access to the same technical information.