Materials Costs Analysis


API based material costs analysis

After BOM processing, the next logical step is Material Cost Analysis. QuoteArchitect-MCA contains fully automatic, vendor API based, price, stock and delivery time analysis functionality.

The 'scenario selector' allows users to check, real-time and within seconds, which part codes are in stock internally and which in a scenario selected distributors (vendors) offer the best prices and have adequate stock for the required part codes. The minimum and multiple order quantities (MOQs & Multiples) are also taken into account with the residual material costs being calculated at the same time.

The QA-MCA’s decision support system proposes a vendor selection on a part code level, but the operator can make different selections at his or her own discretion.

Semi-automatic request for quote (RFQ) generation and economic order quantity (EOQ) analysis

Request for Quotations (RFQs) can be generated for the materials for which the price, stock and delivery information cannot be retrieved automatically. If suppliers are prepared to provide structured answers as requested, their quotation information can automatically be imported and read in QA-MCA.

Price and delivery information can also easily be entered and edit manually.

All additional costs are processed in a structured manner and a detailed analysis overview with drill-down functionality completes the material cost analysis.

A graphical Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) analysis is performed for larger series, which shows at which order size(s) the customer will incur the lowest residual material costs.

The calculated results are reported in summary and in detail and offer an accurate and clear overview of the cost parameters involved in the creation of the material costs calculation.