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The QuoteArchitect Virtual Factory replicates real-life electronics manufacturing services in a virtual environment using an integrated software model that includes a variety of tools and methodologies. The “Virtual Factory” is the “Digital Twin” of the user's production environment with all the details and dynamics.

The configuration of the QuoteArchitect “Virtual Factory” is unique to every manufacturing facility.

Costing Engine

The purpose of the QuoteArchitect costing engine is to calculate the anticipated manufacturing costs of a defined product for a certain amount of units and a chosen production flow. 'Anticipated' because some variables in the virtual factory definition are based on historical data (last year's results), assumptions (this year's expectations) and some uncertain values in production and test, like test error investigation and repair costs.

The QuoteArchitect costing engine is based on the “Activity Based Costing” model (ABC), a well-known methodology. More details about the QuoteArchitect costing model can be found here.