Up to 90% efficiency improvement. Lightning fast and ultra accurate
  • Once the virtual factory is configured, you will have a unique and unparalleled system for calculating the real manufacturing costs of a product. PCBA assembly, Cable Harnessing, Box Build and System Build calculations are all capabilities of the PCA module

  • The comfort and precision of production definition and choice of manufacturing and test flow makes the costing process with the Costing Engine a matter of a few minutes

  • Assembly times for manually placed components can be stored in PACE and re-used in other jobs. Manual assembly times can be continually refined through post calculation or MES feedback

  • The number of expensive production calamities, caused by unforeseen mismatches of products, components or processes, is reduced to virtually zero, thanks to the built-in real-time checks for technological mismatches and conflicts

  • The virtual factory and costing engine are also great tools for running what-if cost analyses before large investments are made

  • The built-in structured roadmap for systematic quote creation works equally for experienced and less experienced operators. All costs are considered and no cost aspect is forgotten. It's also a great help in training new operators

  • The calculated results are reported in summary, in detail and in drill-down mode. They offer an accurate and clear overview of the times and cost parameters involved in the creation of the calculation

  • QuoteArchitect supports and dramatically limits the often painful discussions about costs with customers. In particular in an open-book relationship is QuoteArchitect-PCA a very effective and time saving tool.

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