What are your annual quoting costs?

Accurately calculating and creating quotes takes time. Both in terms of the hours spent and in terms of lead time. When the quoting costs are calculated on an annual basis, they often turn out to be much higher than expected. Surprisingly enough, there is rarely insight into the actual size. In any case, QuoteArchitect reduces your annual quotation costs to an absolute minimum, thereby improving the bottom-line results both directly and indirectly.

Quoting is an expensive process with an often uncertain outcome. Usually, the most experienced staff deal with processing the BOM, analysing the availability and cost of material, analysing the production and testing methods, choosing the correct workflows and calculating the production and test costs. But the final total quoting cost amount to more than that!

The more efficient and successful your quoting process is, the less your bottom line results will invisibly be eroded.

Our related white paper on the subject explains this in more detail.