A staggering 65-85% efficiency improvement compared to manual BOM processing

BOMArchitect gives a very high return on investment. In general BOMArchitect's annual subscription fee is saved within a few weeks!

In addition to the standard functions required for BOM processing, it has numerous unique features and functionality that allows to deal with the most extreme forms of BOMs,

    Results of the infinite creative expressions of product developers and designers do not always deliver perfect BOMs, to put it mildly. BOMArchitect's functionality and ability to deal with it increase the efficiency of BOM processing to the maximum and make it very pleasant to work with on a daily basis.
    • BA becomes faster every day through the self learning processes of the formal and informal customer approved manufacturer lists (AMLs).
    • BA works seamlessly with both MRP/ERP and PACE, the internal part code database, which means that every BOM processed with BA is error-free. This provides excellent input for both QA-MCA and QA-PCA and prevents production disasters.
    • Background processes analyse every BOM for technology and generate data that is very useful for production engineering and electrical test engineering.
    • BA manages at customer level alternative part codes, umbrella numbers, alternative and replacement parts and customer-specific code numbers
    • BA exports processed BOM data in any configuration in a wide range of formats, including encrypted and password protected xml.

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